Austrian diocese blesses gay couples on Valentine’s Day


Whatever happened to exiling or otherwise shunning these degenerates?


It is absolutely mind boggling how they can turn their back on 2,000 years of Church teaching and confirm these men living not only in mortal sin, but one that ‘cries out to Heaven for vengeance’. Those men are on a path to Hell and it’s the Bishops and Cardinals leading them. True charity and mercy would be to tell these men the truth about their lives and offer them a chance to repent and save their souls.


I wonder what kind of mental gymnastics they did to manage to rationalize this. It is clearly written in the Bible that homosexuality is a sin. They must have a very twisted logic to distort the Word of God and say it accepts homosexual unions.


These are the fruits of the “inclusive” Modernist tree. The slow death of an institution caused by heretics pushing their erroneous “theology” as Catholic. This is why it is so important for us to maintain sacred Tradition and hold fast to the True Faith. Those who hold to Tradition need to be ready to step in and right the ship when the inevitable collapse of the heretics’ “church” occurs.


This would be funny if it weren’t becoming so widespread. Of course, if the Church administration was serious about maintaining the authority of its doctrine, it would defrock and completely anathematise those responsible. The reason why it won’t do so is because it bows to the pressure of both other heretical (Protestant, no less) “Churches” which do the same, or worse claim that they can “marry” people of the same sex, and also from big money NGOs, or at least those shady forces who think they can use the Catholic Church as a massive NGO by which to further spread liberal venom.

The arguments they use to justify this sort of thing are completely ridiculous. For those who see through the soppy platitudes of the “God loves everyone theology” (which vastly misses the whole point of sin and repentance, but there we go), they point to weird events such as a one-off example of a supposed same-sex marriage in 11th century Spain, without telling you that a.) there’s a reason why it’s a one-off, seeing as the Church has condemned same-sex unions since its first existence and b.) it might in fact be something as simple as a barely-literate priest copying down a female name accidentally with a male spelling in the parish record. Either way, it proves nothing about the sinfulness of same-sex activity. Also, attempts to point to the ancient Church practice (now defunct) of brother-making (adelphopoiesis) as an example of anything other than a platonic same-sex union designed for furthering the ministry of the Church is blatant liberal contrivance. Also worth noting: there must have been a reason why the Church stopped performing such unions…