Controlled Opposition


This was part of a recent monologue by Laura Ingraham, and leftists around the nation have been quick to call her "racist" for it. The leftist media has also been quick to push the narrative that most Americans absolutely love immigration and thus disagree with Ingraham's entire premise. Of course, a person can agree with the concept of immigration without agreeing with the Left's policies. So, for example, if you offer the American people a nuanced choice, a majority (54%) want the number of legal immigrants to be cut from 1 million per year to no more than 500,000; more than one-third (35%) want it below 250,000. In short, most Americans want legal immigration to be cut at least in half from what it is now.

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Another important point is that support for immigration fluctuates greatly depending on the context in which it is phrased. Prefacing the questions with the phrase, “given that whites become a minority around 2040…” causes a massive drop in support for immigration amongst whites.