DePaul Invokes ‘Catholic Values’ to Ban Pro-Life Poster | National Review



The faculty at the “University” seem to have a serious lack of understanding of Catholic doctrine. The liberalism infecting their offices in fact is contrary to the Catholic belief in hierarchy and order.


contradictio in terminis? Sadly this sort of thing is quite common now. In England, most Catholic schools, which for a long time were considered bastions of traditional education and an alternative to the biased state system, have in fact been brought in under the state’s wing. As I’m sure you can imagine - most of them are succumbing to liberalism as a result.

Most English Universities only have a Church of England connexion, and the Anglicans have been compromised for a long time now…


Bigotry? Thats just plain mean!


Same thing happened in Polish Universities . Only four or five are still standing firm. Year ago, at oldest and probably most prominent Cracow University, they didnt let the pro-life speaker from USA, to give a lecture. They said her pro life lecture is not scientific enough. This year they allowed some yoga master to give a lecture on reincarnation and New Age. Oh, how modern and fancy are they…