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I was wondering if anyone is interested in creating or having me help them create flashcard decks pertaining to catholic topics such as:

  • Latin language
  • Important people within the church
  • Important theological concepts
  • Important historical dates

I am quite capable of making personalized decks that are enjoyable but I don’t have much of an education on church topics so I would be learning as I go along. If anyone is interested in creating decks on their own or on other topics, I don’t mind helping out.

Link to the Anki site:

This topic is now a wiki topic and editable by anyone. Add any ideas to the OP.


This is a good idea. I would start with the basics, like Catechism of St Pius X.
Ecclesiastical Latin would be harder because of Latin declensions and conjugations. The grammar and syntax is usually somewhat difficult for Germanic language speakers (English, German, etc).

History would probably be an enjoyable topic for @Fr.John-OE to take up.


Yea i can help!


I Think we need a plan for that. Like a sceletone into which we can add some topics.


Discourse supports wiki topics. I’ll make one for discussing this.


I will have the catechism book done in a week or so and I will post it here.


Catechism of Saint Pius X flashcard deck.