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For those who do not know me, I am Fr. John, an Old Roman Catholic cleric, ultraconservative, traditionalist, twitter curmudgeon. I have been a reactionary for virtually my entire life, but I have been involved with the twitter incarnation of the Alt-Right, far-right, or what have you for the last couple of years or so. I operate a weekly study group for Alt-Right/Traditionalist Catholics through twitter wherein we read and discuss the Bible, Catechism of St. Pius X, the writings of St. Thomas Aquinas, and the like (Hello to each of you reading this), and I also keep my “DMs” open to anyone who has questions about faith or just needs to talk (Hello to each of you reading this). I absolutely love doing it and have met some wonderful, faithful people. From time to time, I can also be seen verbally sparring with liberals and such who misrepresent the faith or history. As an ORC cleric, I was allowed to marry my high school sweetheart and better half going on 19 years, and we have three beautiful children. If you listen to the gentlemen over at The Godcast (@thegodcasttjc), then you likely know that our youngest is but a few months old. You also likely know a bit about the fact that I have fallen somewhat on hard times; since Arthur of The Godcast was kind enough to discuss my situation on-air after my plight was brought to his attention. Thankfully, the Lord smiled on my family, and some donations did arrive due to Arthur’s most kind and greatly appreciated efforts.

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