Does an ethno-state mean genocide?


In the aftermath of Richard Spencer clashing with Carl “Sargon of Akkad” Benjamin, there has been much discussion about the possibility and plausibility of the United States as a “white ethno-state.” The typical leftist argument tends to be that an ethno-state would be impractical, unconstitutional, and would inevitably involve the wholesale slaughter of non-whites. In turn, they accuse anyone they perceive as “Alt-Right” of advocating for genocide. Thus, the leftists assume that the Alt-Right intends the massacre of millions of people to achieve their ends, but is that a fair assumption upon which to base criticism and opposition to the movement? In a word, no, because, aside from memes purposely meant to be offensive, the Alt-Right does not collectively advocate for interpersonal violence let alone the mass murder of tens of millions of people. To understand this, we need to see this as two distinct issues. First, would it be constitutional to enact policies preserving the United States as a white ethno-state? Second, if so, could it be achieved peacefully through practical and straightforward means?

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