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Invited here from the chat. Thanks!

I have an interest in traditionalism, ethics, religion and pro-white advocacy.


Hello! I’m here through via TPS and the riot chat.
I find there is a lack of conversation about the role of religion in the identitarian movement outside of Eastern Europe. I cannot see a future worth living for any group of people who reject our Lord the way modern society does. This seems like a good place to discuss how to build communities of faith again.


As @Fr.John-OE likes to say, the Church Militant needs to learn to be militant again. Our goal is to build a community of Faithful and found an Order aimed at restoring the Faith to its rightful place in Western society.


I think I understand how that can be started from the ground up, but I would love to learn more about how the Church can help from the top down. This is something that seems missing in the Protestantism around me.


Hi all, here via twitter invitation.
To keep it brief - am a recovering academic. Studied theology to MPhil level, but I gave it up a while ago because as I’m sure you all know, modern academia is pretty dire to be frank. Now I blog and work on independent research in my spare time.
I’ve floated around in NRx, CRx and recently Alt-Right internet circles for some time with various handles, usually involving old dead fellows. Joseph de Maistre is my settled home now.


Glad to have you. The forum’s a bit sparse as we are rebuilding after I burned the old forum in a fit of autistic rage. Now that Discourse is up and running, I can get back to burning heretics instead of server software.



Until the Hierarchy can be purged of Modernist heretics, it will be left to the bishops, priests, and laymen of the Traditionalist sects to rebuild. We have to gain enough influence to exert social pressure upon the Vatican to undo the changes enacted by the Modernists.


Hey all. I came in from TRS / Twitter. I’m a recent convert to Catholicism, having spent the past decade as an apostate after falling away from my childhood protestant faith. It was a miracle that I found the SSPX. What really made everything ‘click’ in the beginning was learning of the apparition at Fatima (thanks to Fr. Runner’s work) and devotion to Our Lady. I quite literally came to Christ through Mary. I feel it’s a real loss that so many protestants ignore Our Lady’s role in our redemption and salvation.


Welcome. I agree that Protestants miss out on quite a bit of the fullness of the Faith. They have fallen victim to the worst heresy: that which contains a portion of the truth.



Hello, i got here through Twitter.
I was baptized a Catholic due to family traditions but my parents are Atheists so i was raised without faith. I have recently become a Theist and i am not opposed to becoming a Christian. In fact, i’m very interested in Christianity and Catholicism but largely ignorant of it and thought a place like this would be great to learn more. I am 19 so i assume i have a lot to learn.
I consider myself an identitarian or Alt-Right as Americans call it and i am deeply troubled by the demographic change occuring throughout the West.
I’m particularly interested in discussing the relation between Christianity and Identitarianism.


Welcome, @Cameron. We have a few people well-versed in theology and history here. Ask any questions you’d like, and someone should try to answer them for you. I’d suggest taking a look at The Library here. I’ve started building a collection of religious texts that some may find useful.

@Fr.John-OE @JosephdeMaistre_II


Hello. I’m the least qualified person to be here, but oh well. Found this place through @ThomasLewis who’s quite patient with IT questions by newbz like me. I’m a mom of just one kiddo for now, attending Lutheran church because it’s closer to the truth and having less poz than many other churches. Maybe one day we’ll find ourselves Orthodox or Catholic, but right now I’m just appreciating that we’re members of the true Body fighting a very real albeit spiritual battle here on earth while we look for the Lord’s return.


Welcome. First, Luther was a heretic. The Five Solas are heretical and easily refuted using Scripture and Tradition. I would look at the SSPX website to see if there is a parish near you. They generally do require women to cover their heads and everyone to dress modestly/appropriately.

As far as the forum goes, I want to focus on day-to-day living the Faith this time around. Theology is important, but living the Faith is more so.


Which denomination of Lutheran are you going to? I’m split between Missouri Synod and SSPX Catholic.

Also good on you for bringing one into the world! Do you have plans for more?


We are Missouri Synod, yes. No poz allowed, but women try to subvert sometimes. Our little church has a pastor who’s a woke Gen X’r, active on Twitter, heading a congregation of almost all the oldest Boomers/Vietnam vets.

We have liturgy in English so the common man can understand it. The Lutheran church and the Catholic church almost fully reconciled before the evil Vatican 2 split everything. Our particular church doesn’t do the head coverings for women, but some do.

I am not convinced that Protestant Christianity is heretical, nor am I interested in speaking Arabic in church, if one really wants to purity spiral (heh). Good for you looking for the right church to go to though! It’s important to, you know, carefully read Scripture to see that the church is following what we’re told to be and do on earth.

Anyway… Sorry for so long! I did warn you guys that I’m female…

Yes, we hope to have many more - as many as God will bless us with while still doing our best to raise each one healthy and strong. (Something for all future parents to consider: breastfeeding can slow the family growth, but it is so good for your kids!) My husband wants three sons at least. I don’t make concrete goals for things out of my control like that though, lol. However many God will bless us with is wonderful to me.

One thing I guess I agree with Catholics now is that birth control is counter to God’s will. It was actually something I believed growing up a Presbyterian in the PCA, but I compromised that belief for my husband before he got woke. He acknowledges that was wrong now, but I wonder what I ought to have done back when we were making this big decision. But this current one is… Quite an answer to prayer and a blessing.