Leftists fail to get the Culture War


Despite various successes over the last few decades, leftists today seem incapable of understanding the Culture War, albeit they may never have truly understood it and succeeded anyway since the bumbling mainstream Right understands it even less. From Ashley Judd screaming, “I’m nasty, like the blood stains on my bed sheets,” to the insane ramblings of Maxine Waters, the Left shows on a daily basis that it is comprised largely of people who belong in mental institutions. One wonders how many members of the Democrats’ leadership would be committed today if Reagan had not cleaned out the asylums in the 1980’s and made it harder to institutionalize the loons. In the eyes of leftists, they are in a perpetual struggle that pits women, non-whites, queers, and non-Christians against Nazis. Every day of their lives is like Omaha Beach except with bullets and bombs replaced with other peoples’ opinions, where any deviation from the accepted leftist party line is treated as a war crime of the highest order, a crime against all of humanity.

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