Mike Stuchbery’s Tall Tales: The Dictionary is Fascistic


Mike Stuchbery bills himself as "a writer, historian and educator," and he is famously known as "a British historian" in such academic journals as Teen Vogue. He currently makes some $351 per month on Patreon for blogging and making podcasts about history, albeit it seems leftists are actually funding his trolling on Twitter considering that he has not blogged in nearly 7 months or posted a podcast in 5 months. Still, that has been good enough to secure him nearly 48,000 Twitter followers and his own literary agent and book deal. It seems that telling leftists what they want to hear about history has its benefits.

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Is a more repulsive male figure even possible? He looks like he is the result of an affair between the Michelin man and Chaz Bono.

We’re reaching peak cuck here.


5bru5jg6tisz I refuse to believe this isn’t satire.


You don’t have much experience with Mike Stuchbery, do you?