No, Mike Stuchbery did not "school" @PrisonPlanet


On Tuesday, Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) questioned the historical accuracy of the BBC’s “Life in Roman Britain” video series, which claimed to provide an “exploration of life in Roman Britain shown through the eyes of a typical family.” The problem is that the “typical family” depicted is a Sub-Saharan African Roman, a seemingly European wife, and mixed-race children. Naturally, Watson questioned whether or not such a depiction was actually representative of a “typical family” in, again, Roman Britain, not Roman Africa. A number of liberals did what they always do, which was to accuse Watson of racism, because even daring to think that a “typical family” in Europe more than 1,500 years ago would have been European is bigoted. Of the liberals, one stood above the crowd—Mike Stuchbery (@MikeStuchbery_), a grade school teacher famously known for leaving his job after causing disruptions at Lynn Grove High School, in Gorleston, Norfolk, because he thinks people have a right to “feel safe” (Source). The reason Mr. Stuchbery stood above the rest is that he engaged in his own little “tweet storm” that began with accusations of head injuries and mouth-breathing, ended with “Get f—ed” and accusations of fascism, and had claims supporting the BBC’s depiction in between. This led to The Telegraph declaring, “Alt-right commentator gets ‘schooled’ by historian” (Source), Teen Vogue claiming that “British historian gives Alt-Right commentator a history lesson” (Source), and Metro regurgitating, “Alt-right commentator gets shut down by historian” (Source).

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