No Rest for the Wicked or the Righteous


To turn a quote from The Dark Knight on its ear, Trump is not the hero that traditionalists deserve, but he is the one we need right now. The simple truth is that a traditionalist hardliner could not have succeeded in the current political climate because the Left has had such a stranglehold on the media, academia, Hollywood, and the like. Donald J. Trump has the right combination of attributes so that he could unite the far-right and blue collar democrats into a winning coalition. In the process, millions of people have been exposed to the far-right in the guise of the Alt-Right with Trump and his sons even acknowledging the far-right on social media, albeit perhaps indirectly or even accidentally. Still, that exposure has allowed the movement to grow. To quote from another Batman film, “the fire rises.” This puts the far-right in a position to succeed in the future.

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