On the gay, Jewish Nazism of the Alt-Lite


If there was ever any doubts that the political Left lives in a Bizzaro clown world, they should be put to rest by the latest BuzzFeed piece on Milo Yiannopoulos, who we are told has been in league with all manner of white nationalists, Neo-Confederates, and, yes, even Nazis. Of course, this really is nothing new since the Left has been trying to position Milo as the “face of the Alt-Right,” or even as the leader of the movement, for quite some time, but BuzzFeed assures us that it is important this time because they now know that one of Milo’s email passwords included the word “Kristall,” which is German or Luxembourgish for “crystal.” BuzzFeed’s Joseph Bernstein is sure that this was in reference to “Kristallnacht,” a riot where Nazis broke windows of buildings associated with Jews. Of course, it could just mean Milo is a fan of Minsk Kristall, a Belarusian vodka, or perhaps he prefers to drink kristallweizen, a type of filtered wheat beer.

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