On the optics of NatSoc


According to data from Pew, about 9% of Americans hold negative views of Jews, which corresponds to the 9% who think that “neo-Nazi or white supremacist views” are acceptable. This seems somewhat relevant to the recent debate among the ranks of the Alt-Right regarding the appropriateness of Nazi chants, Nazi salutes, and the like. If approximately 9% of Americans are open to such things, then we can safely assume that is the built-in ceiling of an avowed National Socialist movement. In other words, obviously due to historical baggage, we can safely assume that roughly 9 in 10 Americans have a bias against the historical Nazis of Germany. This provides necessary context for the “White Lives Matter” rallies in Tennessee, which involved the Traditionalist Worker Party, National Socialist Movement, and Vanguard America, all of which rather openly espouse National Socialism as an ideology.

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