On the personal interpretation of sin


It is all too common today for people to want to excuse this sin or that, which naturally brings them into conflict with the Lord. Typically, the most attention is paid to the more controversial figures and topics—such as Francis and marriage, James Martin and homosexuality—but lost in the mix are many topics that are just as important. Indeed, topics where there is a general consensus in favor of ignoring the Word are perhaps the most vital in stopping society’s long, painful slide into godlessness and decay. This is because they often speak to what is socially acceptable among a righteous people, and, once society has agreed to tolerate that which God does not, the slippery slope is inevitable. It might seem trivial in the beginning, but wickedness compounds wickedness with consequences that most people never considered possible. We must always remember that sin is defined by God, not by our personal desires or by what is easiest. You may not always agree, but God’s truth is the truth regardless of whether or not it suits you.

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