Radical Localism: A Bridge to Our Traditions


In the aftermath of “Pride Month,” there can be little doubt that modern society is beyond lost, but the question remains as to how we should go about fixing this mess. One strain of thinking suggests that the best way for traditionalists to restore society is to first begin with localism, which can be summarized as “building the world we want at home.” If you are unhappy with society, then set about implementing a better way in your own community first and let it grow from there, or so the thinking goes. Some take this a step further into proposing the building of entirely new communities where the taint of the past does not exist and where proper ideas and values could be the foundation of something wholly new. Take, for example, the so-called “Northwest Territorial Imperative” that calls for white nationalists to move en masse to the Pacific Northwest so that they might eventually come to form their own nation. This is the aim of the Northwest Front, which seeks to establish a “Northwest American Republic” wherein only those of “unmixed, non-Semitic, Caucasian European ancestry” may live and citizenship must be “earned in adulthood through military service, by civic service to the state, or by demonstrated worthiness and value to the racial community” (Source). Such thinking is also not limited to white nationalists. For example, “The Citadel” is a project seeking to build a fortified, multiracial community in Idaho (Source), guided by a quote from Thomas Jefferson (Source):

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