Religious Education Discussion


Apologies for my recent absence, but I’ve only just managed to get twitter to lift its ban on me posting links to my blog on their website. sigh. Anyway, I hope everyone is having a peaceful and contemplative Lent, so far.

This is a fairly broad topic which defies firm categorisation, but I thought I’d start a discussion about religious education. As a recovering academic, I can testify to just how rotten modern universities are and how much contempt most academics have for the Christian religion, let alone Trad Catholicism. I’ve laid out some personal experiences and some thoughts for reform here:

What does everyone think? Are the traditional Catholic disciplines the way to go? Most people on here would probably agree that some form of religious education is desirable, but even some modern Catholic schools are beginning to turn sour (one wouldn’t let my son wear his baptismal cross to school - to my horror).
Who should go on to study higher schools of divinity? Could it be possible to organise alternative schools of divinity which teach the traditional liberal arts in the future?