Ritual and Meaning in Faith


On my journey through spiritual matters, I have come to realize that faith without ritual has no meaning. It is through ritual that the bond between Creator and created is strengthened and deepened. If you look at human culture throughout history, it has until recently relied heavily on ritualistic worship to draw people closer to the Divine. It has only been since the rise of Protestantism that mankind has truly started losing this important aspect of worship, something intrinsic to our very being.The Protestants have put forth the idea that all one needs to do is “accept Jesus” to be saved. This flies in the face of millennia of human worship as it is the ritualistic aspect of worship that deepens one’s faith in and understanding of God. This abandoning of the cultic practices that have defined the Church for 2000 years is at the root of the decline of adherence to the Christian faith as defined by Protestant teachings.

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