Sedevacantism is Not the Answer to This Scandal, But It is the Answer


The Church, or more accurately, the Neo-Catholic Church, is under siege after the release of the Pennsylvania grand jury report that found some 300 priests had molested more than 1,000 children. Even Papa Frank has now been accused of helping to cover up sexual abuse since his 2013 election, and this is not the first time that he has been accused of covering up sexual abuse by his subordinates. In the aftermath of all of this, there has been no shortage of interesting reactions with many calling for an Inquisition and public burnings while others are saying that they will abandon the Catholic faith entirely.

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Do you think any change will happen in the church because of this?


I’m hoping that if Francis dies soon, the aftershocks of this will lead to a reforming Pope being elected.

Edit: and by reforming I mean 1550s style, not 1950s.


I thought the reforms were 1960s not 50s my dude.


The Modernist creep started in the 19th Century. It was formalized at Vatican II (1964, IIRC). The Council was planned for years prior.


I’d meant the absurd view that all we need to do is reset the clock back to 1950s style standards and that would suffice.

Even 1550s is problematic.


1050s please!

No schism this time!