Suffer Not a Woman to Teach


A blog post by Carrie Surbaugh (seen above) entitled “An Open Letter to My Parents’ Pastor” has gone viral in leftist circles, and, as the title suggests, it is essentially a rant aimed at Bill Killough, the new senior pastor of Alliance United Methodist Church in Fort Worth, Texas (Source). The grievance being that Killough had delivered a sermon in which he called out the sin of homosexuality and allegedly said that people’s feelings over the matter are irrelevant. While Ms. Surbaugh was not in attendance, her parents were and apparently took great offense because their daughter is a lesbian, having first “come out” as bisexual in 2016 because she “couldn’t come to the table to receive Christ’s body and blood as anyone other than [her]self” (Source). The gist of Ms. Surbaugh’s rant is that her parents, Greg and Kathy Surbaugh, are amazing people who give so much to the church yet were reduced to tears by their pastor preaching what the Bible says. In other words, the feelings of “LGBTQ” people and their families should come before the Bible, and she concluded her rant by listing statistics about homeless “LGBTQ” youth, suicide rates, and such to conclude that the Bible’s “theology literally kills people.” This is particularly interesting considering that Ms. Surbaugh had already issued a “Dear John letter” to the United Methodist Church earlier in the year because the Rio Texas Conference of the UMC would not ordain her as an “out” lesbian (Source). Indeed, she now lists herself on social media as a “youth pastor” with the Episcopal Service Corps in Seattle, Washington.

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