The Alt-Right—Leftist Myth vs. Reality


What is the Alt-Right? If you ask the media, it is a movement of nihilistic white supremacists. Or atheists obsessed with Nietzsche. Or meme magicians obsessed with The Matrix. Or a hodgepodge of loons who hate the founding documents of the United States. Or a plague of racist Nazi frogs. Whatever the Alt-Right movement is, the media is fairly certain that they understand it. Just ask the gay Swedish man who went “undercover” in the movement for a year. Or the black man who went “undercover” online for 8 months. One thing the media knows is that the racist, sexist, existentialist, nihilist, atheist, amphibious meme wizards are very mean and oppose everything that is good in the world (hedonism, immigration, &c.).

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