The Hatred and Destructiveness of Multiculturalism


CNN is currently embroiled in a scandal wherein one of their reporters, Andrew Kaczynski, tracked down an anonymous person on the internet and threatened to dox him because he had made a satirical image making fun of the network (Source). Donie O’Sullivan, a CNN producer, praised Kaczynski for his “reporting” because “horrible, racist keyboard warriors change tune once identified” (Source). Chris Cuomo, an anchor on CNN, asked his Twitter followers if CNN should dox the person because he had posted “a lot of bigoted and hateful material” to Reddit (Source). Cuomo’s co-host, Alisyn Camerota, made it abundantly clear “that CNN found the Reddit user” and that he then offered a “very full-throated … apology” while asking that CNN “not reveal his name or whereabouts” (Source). Chris Cillizza, a commentator on the network, said that he did not expect an apology “once [they] tracked him down” but that “it’s actually a nice thing” (Source). Kirsten Powers, a CNN political analyst, took to Twitter to declare that the Reddit user had no right to anonymity or privacy because he had spewed “racist, misogynist, homophobic garbage” and that “racism is not an opinion” (Source, Source). Under ever increasing scrutiny, Kaczynski would defend his “reporting” by claiming the person he had threatened with doxing had called him to say he “was not threatened in anyway” (Source).

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