The Right’s Normalization of Liberalism


*** Warning: Cited articles have offensive titles. ***

For decades, the battle cry of the supposed political Right has been, “Live and let live!” They may oppose abortion, but they otherwise embrace a modern culture riddled with degeneracy because “what you do in [the] bedroom is none of [their] business.” The problem with “live and let live” is that it presupposes that individualism is the highest calling of man, that you should be free to do whatever you want so long as you are not directly harming another, but there are behaviors that should not be tolerated by society because they are morally corrosive. People once understood that society had a vested interest in protecting itself from degeneracy and hedonism—after all, a society is responsible for and to generations of people, not just those alive in the moment—but that is largely no longer the case. During the 2016 election, there was no shortage of conservative women advocating for “MAGA” while chugging beer in bikinis. While conservatives may scream about abortion, they embrace promiscuity, Islamic immigration, and even homosexuality.

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