‘Tis the season, but what’s the reason?


‘Tis the season. Families around Christendom are about to gather together, open presents, drink eggnog, and share a lovely dinner together. But, increasingly, there is a stark divide over the reason for the season, and Christmas this year, like the last, and like Thanksgiving, will most likely involve angry millennials arriving with talking points in hand. Like a swarm of bespectacled rainbow-haired hornets, they will descend on their families ready to explain why Aunt Sally should support Elizabeth Warren, that Uncle Ron is a racist, and that the whole family gathering is just too heteronormative and cissexist. After all, Cousin Bobby once saw a romantic comedy by himself, but he still pretends… come on, Bobby… admit it. You are gay, or transgender, or something. Come out of the closet! The millennials are here for you! You see, to leftists, and especially the younger amongst them, the reason for the season is to push their politics onto everyone around them.

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