Transgenderism—Nonconsensual LARPing


In the 2008 film Role Models, Ken Jeong played King Argotron, ruler of a live-action role-playing game, or LARP. At one point in the film, we see Argotron in a restaurant with his men, led by Davith of Glencracken (Matt Walsh). Not only do the “king” and his followers stay in-character outside of the game, but they expect others to do so as well. For example, Argotron refers to the restaurant as his, and he expects a third party to kiss his ring. The only means through which his desire is enforced is social pressure: namely, do as he wishes, or he will have you excluded from the LARP. This is the same dynamic that has been playing out in recent years regarding “transgenderism,” or people claiming to be the opposite sex. Now, compare the above with Justin “Riley Jay” Dennis’s assertion, “As a trans woman, I’m not MTF (male to female) because I was never male.” It would make as much sense to say, “As an elf, I’m not HTE (human to elf) because I was never human.” The player can no longer distinguish between reality and the fantasy.

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