Who are the Edomites?


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Again, you try to waffle around the very obvious historical, mythological, and genealogical ancestries of most of the ruling houses of Christendom- i.e., Europe, that quite clearly claimed descent from Israelite, or at the very least, Trojan ancestry. When England was an Empire, and to sully the racial identity of being ‘an Englishman’ seemed absurd when looking at the Christian Identity premises, one might be tempted to dismiss said thesis.
But today, with numerous studies, books, and even Jews themselves (just to mention four - Benjamin Freedman (1950’s) Arthur Koestler (Nobel Prize author, ‘The 13th Tribe,’ 1970’s) Schlomo Sand (‘The Invention of the Jewish People’) and now Dr. Elhaik’s DNA research proving modern Jews are not Semites (2000’s), it is no longer tenable to pretend the Ashke-NAZIS are the ‘Tribes of Israel.’

And it is just as folly-ridden to dismiss the only other contender for Israelite status, the Tribes of Europe, merely because it is distasteful to some Darwinian minds.